The Art of Gift Giving

Children’s birthday gift wrapped in left over fabric and scrap yarn pom pom.

With Mother’s Day approaching I have been reflecting a lot about giving gifts. As we move more and more towards a life with less things its hard to justify giving “things” to others. However I do feel there is something special about giving something to someone you care about and experiencing the joy it brings them. There has to be a responsible way to do this. I find that living “zero waste” or adopting our principles isn’t necessarily limiting, though it takes more research in the beginning and certainly more creativity I don’t feel limited. My outlook towards gifts is not necessarily the same. It seems ridiculous when a person who is taking trunk fulls for donation pops in to buy something for someone just because a holiday. How can we keep the “art of gift giving” without depleting the earth of it precious resources? Continue reading

Urge to Purge

Do you sometimes get the feeling you are drowning in stuff? Do you spend a good amount of time organizing? Dusting? Or shuffling stuff from one spot to another? I do. I sometimes feel like I can never find an end in sight. Lately its as if a little birdie has been whispering in my ear urging me to purge. Is it the pregnancy (yes I am)? Is it spring? Or is this new outlook on life this challenge has given me?  Continue reading

Three Things You Can Do Today – In the Garden!

My pollinator garden is taking off this year with all the rain!

Spring has sprung! In between this rainy winter and spring I find myself itching to get my hands dirty. Even enjoying a good weed pull every now and then, which if you saw my front yard you’d think I’d need to do more of. With all this time spent amongst the buzzing bees and lush plants it has me reflecting how not so green the garden is, well how not so green some gardens can be. Here I thought I would direct three things you can do today over to your garden for a a very appropriate change.  Continue reading

Tips for Flying


Recently our family flew to Washington (post here about our trip). Flying with a child brings a whole new element to what can already be an exhausting feat. However Marilyn is an excellent traveler, she handles the chaos of getting to the airport, the airport and all its obstacles, the flight, exiting the airport, getting a car, etc. beautifully and she always has. Her first flight was at 4 months and she didn’t shed a tear even though it was 5+ hours, both ways. She has taken a total of 5 trips in her 3 1/2 years of life and not one of them would I complain about. I like to think that a lot of her traveling ease is because Robert and I come prepared, PREPARED. Our recipe is snacks, entertainment, not the digital kind, and punctuality. That last one my husband takes to a whole different level. Being green was an interesting factor in our latest flight. Most of the snacks I would usually reach for are things that she loves but never has, like bunny crackers, animal crackers, fruit snacks…all items in a plastic bag. This time around I had to get creative and this is how we did it. Continue reading

Hanky Panky Review


Everyone knows about my undergarment dilemma, I think I have repeated myself far too many times. Well I have been researching away, sometimes at inappropriate times, like sitting in front of a gentlemen at a infuriatingly boring city council meeting, yes he noticed with a blush and a wink. Duh Lily, nothing on your phone is private! I am a picky pants, which may be why this is SUCH an issue for me. I need my garments to be feminine and pretty, I am an absolute stickler that everything in your life should be useful yet beautiful and this department is no different. Even your ever embarrassing granny panties should be beautiful! So on my search to find some responsible and beautiful lingerie I struggled. Many of the lines I came across while I am sure were comfortable they resembled what Missy would call “crunchy granola” with a splash of Tevas and socks, do you know what I mean? Continue reading

Proud to Be a Californian

IMG_6325Our family recently spent a week visiting my sister and her family in North Western Washington State. They live in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island off the Puget Sound. They have a beautiful home, a beautiful family and they are surrounded by beautiful nature, but I came back feeling so happy that I was still a Californian. The first time I went to visit her I was ready to pack my bags and buy a huge lot where I could plant my “Martha Stewart Inspired Garden”. However this challenge to lessen my carbon footprint has got me considering my surroundings in a whole new way. Continue reading

February Progress Report

It seems ultra fitting that my February report should come half way through March, I feel like I just could not get organized last month. I was moving like a snail. Although I think Missy did say it best when she noted how she finds it easier to implement these practices, than it is to write about them. So here is my much belated progress report.  Continue reading

Hello Corned Pork


I have no Irish blood, but I LOVE corned beef. I literally look forward to making it every year. The salty pickle-y stewy meat doused in a spicy stout mustard, makes me weak in the knees. This year however one of our goals is to give up beef, and Corned Beef along with Xmas Eve’s Beef Bourguignon were my two areas of anxiety. Anxiety. So as March crept in I began frantically researching corned alternatives. Would they be good? Would they satisfy my craving? Continue reading