Love because we’re doing this out of love for our families, especially our children. Laugh because looking at the whole picture it can be overwhelming, but we aim to make it light and fun. Lemonade because we’re striving to make something good out of a bad situation. Meet the moms behind Love, Laugh & Make Lemonade.


Lily, her rambunctious daughter, smiley baby boy and adoring husband reside in Marin County, CA with two impossible dogs. In her professional life she is an Interior Designer who dabbles in Consulting. She loves to cook, garden, rummage through antiques, and learn new things. From fashion to fungus Lily’s interests are truly diverse but she strongly believes they can all be green!


Sarah was born and raised on the East Coast, but has truly found her home in the North Bay. Sarah and her family spend a lot of time working on the house and in their garden, playing in the creek, and cooking and eating tasty vegetarian food. Sarah worked in the nonprofit world for over 10 years, working to better our community and local food system. She is currently taking a hiatus to raise her two spirited kids, work on some writing projects, and try to tread a little more gently on this planet we all call home.


Missy and her devastatingly handsome and hairy husband are raising their two strong willed little ladies in the northernmost town of Marin County, CA. When she is not at work as a nurse, she loves gardening and chicken rearing with her wee ones, knitting, and cooking for friends and family.  In addition to handing out milk weed seeds in lieu of candy on Halloween, she raises monarchs for preschoolers and pollinators of all kinds are welcome at her house. Mellissa attended the Climate Reality Leadership training, Pittsburgh 2017.