mls-rdw-17-1505335824When shopping for a somewhat picky man with a mostly lean 6’6 frame, amazonian arms and legs, not to mention shoes that could be used for safety rafts the task is difficult, throw in the environmentally and humanely responsible curve ball and its enough to want to jump ship sans the size 15s. Its a wonder he refuses to do it all. However in my adventure to find responsible lines for my post here I came across PACT and here is what we found.

My hubby is a completely faithful clothing owner. Meaning once he finds something he likes he gets his use out of it. When we met in college he was still dawning a Notre Dame t-shirt from his early high school years that was full of holes. He went on to wear that shirt for many years afterwards despite my desperate pleas to pass it along. Eventually it resembled an 80s crop top that Right Said Fred attempted to tear but couldn’t quite get through. Did he stop wearing it? NO! Clearly I did not marry him for his fashion sense. One day some clouds opened up in the sky and that thing magically disappeared, thankfully. I still remain the one to blame for its mysterious disappearance, but I promise I had nothing to do with it and it was 100% to be given to luck.

I have spent years trying to build a wardrobe that is acceptable for him, and it has involved many return trips. As the sizes get larger in America they get wider, not longer so nearly every shirt after one wash turns into a crop top and all shorts are short shorts. Shoes don’t even get me started, there is flashy basketball shoes or velcro orthopedic shoes and not much in between. I dare you to find a pair of leather boots that aren’t meant for hauling lumber (which he won’t get close to doing). I dare you. All this time I can pretty much guarantee that majority of his clothing was not fabricated in a humanely way with ethical materials. Its been a mode of mostly survival. So when he asked me to pick him up some undershirts and boxers during my clothing research, my palms began to sweat. How would I ever find him these basics? I once ordered him an organic t-shirt in a XL, it still resides in my 5’5 clothing collection after its one and only fight with a washer despite saying machine washable.

As I was thumbing through the The Good Trade I came across a blurb about PACT and decided to check it out. I am trying to replace a black long sleeve shirt of my own and they looked like a good candidate for the job. Honestly I didn’t even make it to the women’s side because I was so giddy about the mens items. There they were – t-shirts, sweats, underwear, hoodies, all his favorite items(!) ethically made(!), responsibly priced and preshrunk! Now if only they would fit, fingers crossed. They have a great return policy – as in they take things back if you’re not happy no matter what. Their size chart seemed to line up with him, but they do not offer XXL in most things which gave me a bit of anxiety. I hit order anyways. If they didn’t work it would be back to shlepping over to SEARs to dig for a set of plastic wrapped clothing that would eventually shrink and become awkward fitting after one or two washes. Those are definitely not made in good working conditions.

We got the box fairly quickly. I was disappointed to see that the items where wrapped in plastic. I had hoped they’d come in muslin or paper but they were in recyclable plastic wrapping. Once we got them out of the plastic they were oh so soft. However the best part is they FIT!!!!! They were even a little big! Hallelujah. He has worn them to the gym and around town and washed them several times and they still fit! They are also so soft and what more can you say about basics? They are basically great! So if you are in the market for some wardrobe staples you may want to check them out. We highly recommend and will be repeat customers for sure! Finally some ethical mens clothes that don’t look like he is munching on herb or too modern for his own good. Thanks PACT!


These are my own thoughts. No one asked or encouraged me to write this post except my friends who keep asking me where they can shop. PACT is not aware of this post and only after it goes live will I consider sending it their way only in hopes that they will rethink their packaging.

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