One Thing You Have to Do Today

IMG_9234.JPGOn Wednesday I had the privilege to attend the listening session on the EPA’s proposed Repeal the Clean Power Plan. I was so impressed by the diversity of attendees all pleading for the EPA to keep the Clean Power Plan in place. From Doctors to Lawyers to Religious Leaders, Scientists and even representatives from PG&E there was no shortage of passion in the room. I was also not the only mom with a baby strapped to her chest, which I was pleasantly surprised about. Our very own Missy spoke to the panel bringing enthusiastic fist pumps, “good jobs” and many tears from the audience; it’s amazing how two strangers with a common goal can hug and cry in an unknown space. The theme was strong, we are busy professionals juggling families, jobs, and life yet trying to convince a big government bully to do their job. Their job that is supposedly to do the right thing by the environment. Now we can get into a heated political rant, believe me I am ready with my economic facts, but rather lets focus on what YOU can do right now. 

Right now you can click on this link and tell the EPA that you want clean power. Maybe you have kids, maybe you like to hike, maybe you have a health issue, maybe you just like clean air and water, maybe you want a new career, hey maybe you identify with all of those. Whatever it is you have a voice, you have access to a computer, you can locate a writing devise and some paper (preferably recycled..wink wink) and you can tell the EPA that you don’t want them to repeal the Clean Power Plan. They are taking comments until April 26th, after that they will take these comments and determine whether or not to repeal this plan. They say it is putting an unnecessary burden on coal and natural gas companies, but what about the burden climate change is putting on us hardworking taxpayers? Its better if you write from the heart rather than copy and paste someone else’s, they have actually made a specific note on their website about that, so be creative. Here is mine for inspiration, it is very much inspired by my latest read “Greening the Global Economy”. 

Please do not repeal the clean power plan. The bottom line is that we need to create jobs to boost our economy. Study after study shows that when monies are invested in fossil fuel companies those dollars go to new equipment, repairs on older equipment, and investors pockets NOT on creating jobs. Economists have determined that when those dollars are invested in renewables most of the money goes to creating NEW jobs. We need more honest, middle class jobs, that are not in fields that risk our lives. We are the hardworking class, the ones that pay for everyone else, it would be nice for the government to take our health and well being and put it in the forefront for ONCE. The science is the science and the economy is the economy, if you look at the numbers renewables are a way we can follow our ancestral legacy of innovation and pave the way forward while boosting our economy and flourishing. Instead it seems like the EPA is more interested in supporting a dying field that the government already subsidizes. How about we stop subsidizing polluters and start supporting real hardworking Americans? My mother vividly remembers her great grandmother refusing to use the indoor plumbing because she thought it was dangerous. Instead she stuck to her outhouse. Americans once used Whale oil for fuel. Where would we be if we never moved forward from the outhouse and the whale oil?? As Bob Dylan once said “the times they are a-changin’ ” Let’s be in the forefront, not left behind in the dust.
So please in your review consider the monetary GAINS by creating cleaner air, cleaner water, a protected environment, and the creation of nearly 600,000 jobs. If we could achieve all of that we would truly be making America great again.

Please let your voice be heard. Do it today, don’t procrastinate.

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