Advice from a 101-year-old

Its not often one encounters a 101-year-old human.

In fact, unless you are in some pretty specific professions, you may witness more lions, tigers and bears in your life thanks to zoos and such than you will 100+ year olds.

There’s something striking about checking an armband and seeing a DOB from the 1910’s. As a nurse, I’ve met a few. They actually tend to be some of the healthiest individuals given their age. I’ve found they usually don’t take many medications and have worked hard all their lives. They have lived through times of war many times over. One patient was a Pearl Harbor survivor. Another, a daughter of a rice farmer from my hometown. Another presented a war bond prize to Guy Lombardo. All have unique stories from a time that I’ve only learned about, read or watched stories about.

I worked my long weekend this past Friday-Monday. That’s 36 hours in 3 days, and I had the privilege of caring for a centennial for all of it.

She was quite proud of being 100, and rightfully so! Between care interventions, the conversation would take a natural turn to her 100 years. So I took the opportunity to ask the question… what’s the secret to reaching 100?

Lead a natural life. And love everybody. Give away a lot of love.

Food for thought.

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