Happy Valentines Day!

Is it possible to have too many Valentines? Because I have four.

  1. The Bearded Husband–my rock, the foundation to our family, who makes me swoon, and supports and even joins in to my eco-manacle ways.
  2. Thing One– My favorite tiny human.
  3. Thing Two– My favorite tiny human.
  4. The favorite planet, Earth.

While I’ll be showing my affection to each of my Valentines, I thought I would quickly share a low-waste Valentine project that #2 and #3 could share at school, but also treads lightly on #4. 

I’m not sure if I love or hate Pinterest, but I pulled the how-to from there. Inspiration credit goes to Becky-Boo who told me of a similar project she did with her son last Valentine’s Day, and Sarah/Finn/Owen who gifted dino versions of these in a past birthday. There is also a “Magic Crayon” at my kids school that they both love to show me during pickup, because its a melty mix of bunch of pretty colors, so I knew these crayons would be a popular, candy-free treat.

IMG_0200Collect old, broken crayons. Good sources of crayons turned out to be the bottom of the crayon bucket, restaurant cup scraps, and distress calls/texts to friends and family.

Peel them. I was using my nails until I got a clue and started scoring them with a scissor edge for easier shedding of the paper wrappers.

IMG_0198I ordered used silicon moulds on Ebay from within 100 miles and requested they avoid wrapping in plastic. They arrived in a paper envelope that I was able to reuse and then recycle. Any time you need to buy something, consider buying used, and message the seller about the packaging. I hope that by doing so, it puts a little thought into their brain to consider their future packaging practices. I also don’t like items to ship from far away, so if I can’t buy them used locally, I’ll use a site like Ebay or Etsy to shop for nearby items and where its easy to request more sustainable packaging.

Okay, anyway, chop or break up the crayons and put them in the moulds. I experimented with the colors, and enjoyed adding a light color such as white or yellow to make the other colors ‘pop.’

Melt them. Hopefully you don’t melt the moulds like I did. Sigh. Preferably in an electric oven powered by 100% renewable energy often available through your energy provider or Community Choice Energy provider.

IMG_0195Let the melted wax cool completely and pop them out of the moulds. I attached them with a drop of glue to a card and tied them in some ribbon and yarn pieces left over from another project.

How do I share the love with #1? Well, that’s none of your business 😉

What are some of your favorite Earth-friendly affection grahams?



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