We Broke Up

Never let the opportunity to share your message pass. Also have some fun with it! Here is my response to a letter I received in the mail from the clothing line J.Crew.Dear J.Crew,

I just got a card in the mail saying that you miss me and are offering me 30% off my next purchase. Its true we broke up and I, like a dude you met at a bar, snuck out in the middle of the night without an explanation. I’m sorry. So here it is. The truth is I LOVED you, I really did. Most of my favorite items in my closet are made by you. Yes they really are. Your products are made for my body type. The Tippi Merino Sweaters, I’m pretty sure you snuck inside my brain and designed them exactly to my dream preferences. In other words they were MADE for ME. However I changed. Frankly its not you, its me. In January 2017 I made a pledge to reduce my environmental footprint. I gave up my garbage can and pledged to vote with my dollars. I vowed to support businesses that support the environment. Yes I have read your environmental statement, but I am not impressed. Improving 20 stores hardly seems impactful. Your catalogs arrive ever too often even though your website is inspiring enough, your products are made way over seas away from good ole American hands, your items ship wrapped in plastic (which I promised to keep out of my home), your tags are attached with plastic, and many of your products are made of synthetic fabrics which are basically high spun plastic. There is so much more you can do. So much more we can all do. Have you opted in for renewable energy where available? Your Corte Madera and Emeryville locations certainly can! ALL your stores should be LED in the least. Offer an option for clients to recycle their clothes like other retailers. Make items from vintage fabrics in your Collection line. The possibilities are ENDLESS! There is no excuse.
So in short, yes we broke up. Can we get back together? Yes we absolutely can, but only if you change! Change baby change. Believe me, when you do I will flock to you like a four year old girl with a sparkly tutu.
Yours truly,

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