A Load of Crap and How to Flush it

I’ve been talking to my almost 5 year old about how to tell if something is alive or not. Which culminated in me rolling around laughing (on the inside, of course) when I told her that poop in a toilet needs to be flushed and she agreed with me as she reasoned that a toilet needs to eat poop or it will die because its alive.

Well here are two pieces of “Recycled/Recyclable- Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Inks on 100% Postconsumer, Process Chlorine Free Recycled Paper” that you can take straight to the recycling can. Or wipe your ass with and feed to the toilet if you find yourself high and dry and your toilet is hungry. 

A response letter from EPA’s Scott Pruitt to the letter I wrote to strengthen rather than weaken the Clean Power Plan

Back in 2015, we hit an incredible milestone in the fight against climate change. Limits on carbon emissions from power plants in the US were finally established as America’s Clean Power Plan.

The Obama Administration agreed with the millions of Americans who believed that the health of everyday citizens – and our environment – was more important than allowing Big Polluters to continue recklessly contaminating our air and water supply.

But by now you already know that Scott Pruitt’s EPA is going all in to destroy or significantly weaken this critical policy.

Climate deniers like Pruitt claim that the rule is a “regulatory burden” on our economy. This assertion couldn’t be farther from the truth. Limiting greenhouse gas emissions and supporting clean energy is good for our health, our families, and our economy.

And the good news is, there are now more ways to speak up and make your voice heard. Here’s the latest info on what you can do:

1. The initial public comment period about repealing the plan has just been extended to April 26, 2018, so you have more time to add your own comment and urge your networks to join you in taking this important action.

Click here to tell the EPA: Strengthen the Clean Power Plan

To add your comment, simply click “Add Comment” and explain why you think the Clean Power Plan should be strengthened, not repealed.

2. Thanks to this extension, the initial comment period now overlaps with a new comment period that the EPA has opened to solicit feedback specifically on the replacement that would follow repeal.

If you’ve already submitted to the original comment period, you can simply re-use the same language again to show your support for strengthening America’s Clean Power Plan.

Take a moment to speak up again on this page (just click the “Add Comment” button).

3. Need a handy way to share this opportunity with your friends and networks? Share this form to help them submit a pre-written comment on both open comment issues at the same time.

If you are as lucky as I was in this endeavor, you too should receive some vegetable ink covered toilet chow!

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