A Renewed Start in 2018

IMG_5051Looking back at 2017, my goals for reducing my family’s carbon footprint didn’t go exactly as planned. We did make some meaningful changes and adjustments to how we live our daily lives, but not every change stuck. We started the year off strong, but lost steam and motivation as the year went on (isn’t that the way most resolutions and New Year goals go?). Life got busy, my baby turned into a toddler, we went on a long summer vacation, I broke my wrist, blah blah blah…

Although my climate change goals were not always front of mind in 2017, the past year brought some scary and eye-opening moments. Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria, the wildfires in Southern California, as well as the wildfires right here in our own neighboring communities, were terrifying reminders of how we, as humans, are having a devastating affect on our planet and our future. And it’s happening all over the world. Not to mention the many maddening political blunders and steps backwards that have happened since (not my) President Trump took office. It has never been more important that we all do our part.

So, for this new year I’m renewing my 2017 goals with some more specifics, in hopes of creating a little more accountability on my part. I expect my fellow “Lemonaders” Lily and Missy will continue to provide inspiration and encouragement to us all, as usual. Here’s to 2018!

2018 Goals:

1. Use fewer resources

  • Drive less, walk & bike more – Carpool for school drop-offs/pick-ups, use bike trailer more.
  • Eat/buy/shop local – Especially for food.
  • Assess and improve home efficiency – This is our year for solar!
  • Take advantage of the beautiful natural world we live in – spend more time outdoors!

2. Use less plastic

  • Avoid plastic products and unnecessary packaging – Find and document alternatives.

3. Simplify and opt for less “stuff”

  • Acquire fewer things – Remind friends and family of this one. Often.
  • Choose used, handmade, local, green options – Vote with my dollars, even if it is more expensive.

4. Spread the word and continue to educate myself, my family, and my community 

  • Document my experiments, research, ideas and musings (on this blog) – Be a more consistent blogger and instagrammer.
  • Encourage stores and companies to “think greener” – Be more persistent in making requests/recommendations to stores/restaurants/companies I patronize
  • Write/call/email law- and policy-makers – At least one letter or call per month.
  • Attend relevant local events and support other local leaders in the environmental/climate change arena

What are your climate change goals for 2018???

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