Letter to the Editor

My first attempt to write a letter to the editor was published! I’m a little shocked, but thrilled nonetheless.

IMG_0168Inspired by our Black Friday family outing downtown (I displayed my charging station comments in my post here) to check out the free electric vehicle charging stations, I drafted a quick letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in today’s opinion section. Check it out here!

Charging stations

Kate Galbraith’s article, “Drivers without garages struggle with electric cars” (Page One, Nov. 25), identifies novel challenges facing clean electric vehicle technology. Businesses and the local economy stand to gain by providing charging stations for electric vehicles.

Last night, I charged my EV for free, courtesy of the city of Novato. What did the city get in return for their investment in EV charging infrastructure and providing this service? I dined with my family at a restaurant and patronized two other locally owned businesses, generating tax revenue and supporting the downtown economy. I would not have done so if not incentivized by a charging station. Though charging at home is convenient, charging downtown is much more exciting.

Mellissa Ahern, Novato


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