One Little Person


As I sit here on my first day of maternity leave at 39 weeks pregnant knitting a linen washcloth, I feel compelled to write. I have little news or exciting bits to share just a level of anxiety ease – yes a total oxymoron. Ease about being pregnant and having the opportunity to put my feet up, and anxiety about the future and what bigger steps I can take as I get ready to bring an innocent child into the world. A discussion about Missy’s climate conference experience has got me perplexed about what I am really doing and how I am really contributing. Some themes echoing over and over of ideas like supporting small but what is really needed it seems is big action. Can I really make a difference? Is refusing waste really making an impact? Is it really worth it to choose the hybrid or electric vehicle over the conventional? Is dragging my singing dancing bumping into to everything and everyone 4 year old to the farmers market really worth the craziness? Will writing a letter to a company, a neighbor, and/or a representative really create change? Will less beef be the answer?

Here we are with Game 1 of the world series tonight, a game that would mean pretty much nothing to me except that this will be the hottest game in the history of the World Series. I don’t mean hot by excitement either. A little over two weeks ago just north of us was a devastating fire that took the homes and lives of many. It crept into our family and many other families and left devastation on all levels. There was hurricane destruction experienced for my work family and many vendors I work with. Starving people are fleeing their homelands in search of land that is not so drought stricken. Ice caps are melting at unfathomable rates. The coral reefs are dying. How can I think that refusing the cheese wrapped in plastic will really change any of this?

On the contrary how can I think that its okay to assume that I am entitled to a level of consumption and waste while others have nothing to waste? It is our trash, smog, and lavishness that is hurting these people who are living off the land in the way that nature intended anyways. We are all connected. How can I think that not buying that cheese won’t change any of this? What if we all stood together and refused it? What if we all made the change? Wouldn’t that action be big? I can write letters until I am blue in the face, but if I am not practicing what I preach what impact will I really make? I must walk the walk, talk the talk, and dance the dance, simultaneously. We must all. Wake up, write to your representative, call to make the switch to the 100% renewable energy option with your utility, refuse to buy the cheese in plastic, choose the responsible vehicle, drag your twinkle toed child to the farmers market so she can continue to tell you over dinner that she needs to “thank Gary for the delicious salmon” that he caught and you purchased in the container you brought from home. I must stop making excuses. I am pondering reusable wipes on the go, while others are pondering where to live and where to get their next meal. When I look at it like that, it seems disgusting that I even have to think about it.


Today there is another record breaking heat wave in the Bay Area. So take a step outside, climate change is real, what are you doing to be part of the solution?


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