Saint Benoit Creamery


Saint Benoit makes amazing yogurt and milk that comes in glass bottles that you can either return (milk) or reuse (yogurt) with metal tops. We love them and buy them constantly, its great to have a product that is responsible so we don’t have to go without. I strongly encourage you to try them!

However, there is one thing that we complain about.

We have taken the time to save the labels and plastic rings that adorn their yogurt jars and have chosen to send them back in hopes that they will hear our voice and choose to use a paper label and skip the wasteful ring. Here is our letter that we wrote on the back of some towel tags from Coyuchi (they actually make good scratch paper).


“Saint Benoit Creamery,

We love your yogurt and milk. We love that your package it in glass with metal tops. We love that you have individual sizes for kids lunches with containers teachers are happy to collect to use for supplies. We just have one request…

Could you please please please rethink your label and that plastic ring around the tops? They leave quite a footprint in our landfill. We can reuse yours jars – and do, but the labels and rings cannot be reused or composted. It would be nice if you could make the labels from paper and ditch the plastic. Other companies do not use these plastic rings on their sealed goods.

As far as most companies go you already make great strides, but even you can make steps to combat climate change in your products. We must refuse to make waste because if we wait for Washington Bureaucrats we will never make it. Our family has chosen to make changes in our own home to combat climate change. We encourage you to take time to reevaluate your practices with our children’s future in mind.

We sincerely hope you will do so. ”


Don’t forget to use your voice. Who do you know that can make small changes to today?


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