Three Things You Can Do Today- Go Solar

Here are three simple ways to lasso the sun just like Maui in Moana without strapping solar panels to your rooftop. Its free, saves you money, and reduces energy consumption-and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Hang your clothes to dry: if you have a rope, you have a clothesline. I have a simple collapsible rack I purchased for pennies a long time ago that is good for small spaces. I would LOVE a pulley system in my backyard, but I have a lot of other ‘I-wants’ right now that I’m content with my little metal rack. Skip the dryer and pocket the energy savings as well by letting your clothes dry in the sun. I also find that folding clothes “right off the line” makes quick work of folding a load. Bonus points- its a boost for your whites too, as the sun will naturally bleach them whiter.

    Dry those Hanky Pankys and Sexy Wooly Underoos al fresco.
  2. Open the curtains; turn off the lights: As long as the sun in out, reach to open the shade instead of flipping that switch. Test yourself and your marriage by putting a little masking tape over your switches. I promise you reach for your lights more than you realize. Bonus points: make the switch to LED and save more money on bulb replacement and a massive percentage on overall electricity consumption vs incandescent bulbs. Bonus bonus points: flex your purchasing power by contacting your energy provider and purchase only sustainable energy.

    Replacing each bulb with an LED equivalent can save you upwards of 80% of your energy consumption per bulb. What a brilliant idea!
  3. Plant some veggies: You know who does solar best? PLANTS! They are the ultimate converters of solar energy. Eat them! Grow them, eat them, save gas guzzling trips to the store, and all of the other energy that goes into our industrialized food system to grow, transport, refrigerate, package, market, store, and dispose of food that is not nearly as tasty or nutritious as something grown by you. Bonus points- plants munch carbon dioxide. 

    Sun Gold tomatoes pair nicely with barefoot baby toes



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