Pregnant & Conscience


It seems that if you look through Instagram or do a Google search you will find that most Zero Wasters are either in their early 20s or older adults with kids that are almost grown. You rarely find families with babies and toddlers lugging jars to the store or refusing unidentifiable goo from a squeeze tube. We started this challenge hoping to be pregnant but not there yet. We’ve finally been blessed and now I’m reflecting on how this bump has influenced and enhanced our New Year’s resolution. 

Giving Up Plastic – There are a few items that you desperately need while carrying and prenatal vitamins are one of them. If you check your local pharmacy you’ll likely find an endless supply of plastic bottles wrapped in plastic wrap and toped with a plastic cap. I urge you to keep looking. I had to search myself but finally found one that doesn’t make me gag and comes in a glass bottle. It still has a plastic cap, but there is no plastic ring around the bottle, like the vitamins we give our daughter. Inside there is some cotton batting which I have been collecting. I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do, but I’m setting it aside to act as stuffing for knitted animals. When Marilyn was little I knitted her little animals and stuffed them with wool batting. I assume I will do the same for this baby and will use this cotton to fill them.

Unplugged Night – I sadly have not jumped on the band wagon for this, the first trimester I did much better since all I wanted was raw veggies and cereal. But now my stomach is after eggs, cheese, and salami chips – ugh so different than my first pregnancy. Those things are not exactly unplugged. I am indulging in my fair share of fruit and raw veggies but unplugged is not exactly what comes to mind.

Manage Food Consumption – No beef, check. I have thought a real bbq’d burger sounded delicious a couple of times, but didn’t indulge myself. Reduce waste, we’re doing good here. Eat Locally, farmers market is sometimes the highlight of my week 🙂 I look forward to a minted lemonade in my mason jar weekly.

Drive Less – I am trying to make a conscience decision to do this, shooting for a least one day a week, however in my present state I cannot ride a bike to farmers market. Walking is something I need to do more of, but there isn’t much of practical use to walk to where we live. Maybe with summer here, and school being out, we will find more opportunities.

Reduce Energy Loss – We’ve had the house insulated and it has made the world of the difference with our interior temperature. I need to keep myself grounded. I’m nesting constantly, but then again I am an Interior Designer, I nest for a living. I’d love to explore an electric water heater…do you have one by chance? How does it work for your household??

Put Your Money where your Mouth is – This one is so so so hard! My retirement alone is invested in 6 large companies that are composed of nearly 800 smaller companies. I’ve gotten a print out list of all the companies and spend many of my evenings reading and googling them. This makes reading user manuals looking appealing. This “stimulating” content mixed with my extra tired pregnant self is a great recipe for falling asleep with paperwork piled high and lights on. I pass out just thinking about reading this content. But I trudge on. I have found that our bank is heavily invested in the Dakota pipeline, and have been exploring other banking options that are not sending their money to such an unworthy cause. Its hard to convince my type A anti-change better half, but once the money is moved he will have a hard argument to make, just kidding we need to make the decision together so I’m building my case strategically.

Lessen Our Pet Footprint – We are doing good here, and we just discovered that our food bags are recyclable. Its not perfect but its better then sending them to the landfill.

Take a Political Stand – My emotions are on high and I get so depressed when I turn on the news. So much injustice all over the world. I’ve written to Diane Feinstein and many California senators who are fighting the off shore drilling. However I have to take a step back and take care of number one. I can’t let myself get too worked up about politics, stress is no good for a baby. I’m doing what I can in my own home and for now that is very important.

Wear what You Are – I am proud to say that all of my maternity clothes have been purchased second hand. I’ve purchased them from ThredUp, which I HIGHLY recommend, a local second hand shop, and Tradesy, which I would proceed with caution with. ThredUp packages their product in paper and they do a really good job of screening their product. Tradesy is a bit tougher because its like Ebay, you really don’t know what you are getting, its often packaged in plastic even if you request it not be. Whats worse is that several times I have received new clothes sold as used. Ugh that defeats the purpose and now I have to deal with tags. A little honesty would go a long way. Of course buying from a local shop is the best choice!

Get Educated and Help Educate Others – We started an Instagram account and that has been great. I really love the community that we are joining and it has broadened my horizons with relation to what others are achieving around the world. Social media can be really great sometimes. I’ve found mothers who have freed their kids of toys and discovered curious, imaginitive kids. I’ve found scientists, lawyers, and activists moving mountains that seem impossible to climb. I’ve learned about local rallies, inspiring gardens, and sustainable eateries. Its been really fun and an easy way to stay involved without falling asleep 😉

Now the real challenge will be all the baby things…how will I tackle this adventure and stick with it?? Thats another post I am afraid.


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