Glimmers of Hope


I think of myself as a “glass half full” kind of person. I try to stay positive, focus on the good things, and spread optimism. But, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been pretty hard to do that with the state of our country – and world – lately. Especially when it comes to the environment and climate change. Headlines like 23 Environmental Rules Rolled Back in Trump’s First 100 Days , Looming Floods, Threatened Cities , Sea level rise will double coastal flood risk worldwide are the new norm. And it’s pretty overwhelming.

Although I’m sometimes tempted to disconnect from all news, crawl under a rock, or move to a commune off the grid, instead I am trying to find reasons to be hopeful. They are few and far between, but here’s one that’s given me hope lately:

I recently read about this group of amazing young people who are suing the federal government, claiming that non-action on climate change will “endanger their rights to life, liberty, property and vital public trust resources” in the future. The government (and their friends in the fossil fuel industry) tried to get the case dismissed, but twice judges denied the motion to dismiss and now the case is headed for trial! Follow this case and learn more about these brave young activists and their supporters at Our Children’s Trust.

What glimmers of hope have you seen lately?

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