Blueberry Time!

Happy sighs. Its Blueberry Time. IMG_0063

What is Blueberry Time, you ask? Its that time of year when the seasonal blueberries magically appear at our Farmer’s Market with gossamer trails of fairy dust and an angelic choral soundtrack and I make orgasm sounds in public followed by a breakout interpretive solo flashmob complete with jazz hands.

I usually just get excited. But this Blueberry Time, I did all of that. When I denounced plastic, I didn’t know that that would mean no store-bought frozen veggies and fruits. The day I made whaling dying animal sounds was the day my stash of frozen peas and blueberries ran out, seemingly simultaneously. No matter how bare our produce drawer, I could always rely on frozen peas to quickly steam, sauté, stir-fry, puree, etc. etc. etc. to round out a carbohydrate, monochromatic, or carne-laden dinner… and this mama places special emphasis on the quickly. I even got my kids to love them by saying, “Ewwwwwww!!! You’ve got pea-peas in your mouth!” To which my kids laughed and shoveled as many peas as their spoons could handle, delighted in my indulgence in using forbidden ‘potty-talk’ at the dinner table. Similarly, frozen blueberries were a Saturday morning breakfast staple. Pancakes received an antioxidant and fiber boost no matter how crazy the weekdays might have been, because we would always have have a bagfuls on hand in our freezer. I found that my kids even liked blueberries straight from the freezer, still frozen, as a snack. Its fair enough to say I’m still mourning the loss of the sheer convenience these healthy and flavorful frosty orbs. IMG_0059

And no, there are not plastic-free versions of frozen produce. There was a moment I found what looked like parchment paper frozen foods. I bought Stahlbush’s frozen peas only to discover that the paper bag was lined with plastic. How annoying!

So I’ve been doing without! Until, of course, Blueberry Time! IMG_0058

Lily and I split a case at the Farmer’s market and after some care, I’m stocked up! I washed them, patted them dry and placed them on parchment-lined cookie sheets and put them in the freezer. Once frozen, I simply scooped them into clean jars and repurposed yogurt tubs with lids.

Meanwhile, I also assembled a quick, easy, and delicious fruit crumble with cherries and blueberries. Here’s the recipe. I love how versatile it is for any fruit that may be in season. IMG_0064

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Time!

  1. Looks like a yummy time of year 😜 Thanks for sharing and I love your idea of ridding plastic but too overwhelming right now. #lifegoals 💜


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