Earth Day Inspiration – A Zero Waste Life

Simply Co.

We are on the verge of Earth Day and on my backroads commute this morning I tuned into one of my favorite podcasts Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money to find her guest, Lauren Singer ever inspiring. I really love how her approach to Zero Waste living comes from the heart, but also is completely applicable to everyone’s life. She is not judgmental, which lets be honest I totally need to work on, and is realistic in her message. She focusses on the positive which so many of us in the climate change fight do not. I’m always spitting out the scary facts rather than the positives that we feel from our new life style. Maybe I could solicit more joiners if I turned my rhetoric to the ever positive and light notes. Her message is similar in that she stresses we focus on what we can do as individuals, change what is within our everyday control and to not get caught up on what we cannot change. I strongly encourage you to tune in and get inspired to change some of your ways starting this Earth Day. How can you take a step forward in your everyday life to make a positive impact on the world around you? What is one thing you can do today? Please share!

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