Hanky Panky Review


Everyone knows about my undergarment dilemma, I think I have repeated myself far too many times. Well I have been researching away, sometimes at inappropriate times, like sitting in front of a gentlemen at a infuriatingly boring city council meeting, yes he noticed with a blush and a wink. Duh Lily, nothing on your phone is private! I am a picky pants, which may be why this is SUCH an issue for me. I need my garments to be feminine and pretty, I am an absolute stickler that everything in your life should be useful yet beautiful and this department is no different. Even your ever embarrassing granny panties should be beautiful! So on my search to find some responsible and beautiful lingerie I struggled. Many of the lines I came across while I am sure were comfortable they resembled what Missy would call “crunchy granola” with a splash of Tevas and socks, do you know what I mean? Ugh. I was near wrist cutting aka running to Victoria’s Secret for anything, when I stumbled across Hanky Panky. Their mission statement was what I was hoping for so I ordered a hefty supply and crossed my fingers for a good outcome. Well there were not all roses and rainbows but I did find a bunch of smiling daisies, here is my letter to them for the full review.

To Whom It May Concern,

My family embarked on a adventurous New Years resolution with the goal to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating our garbage can, reducing our fossil fuels, refusing plastic, and voting with our dollars. As you can imagine in this consumer world that we live in this has been quite the challenge. I, like most people, wear undergarments and as my old ones turned the corner I needed to find a replacement. I searched and searched for a beautiful alternative and finally stumbled upon Hanky Panky. I jumped for joy that you offered a lace option made with organic cotton. As I read further about your company’s sustainability practices it made my heart swell when I read about your commitment and reasoning for making your products in the US. “…saves time, fuel, and shipping costs, drastically reducing the generation of CO2. It also allows us to monitor both the quality of our products in the factories and the working conditions.” And that its not only the product but the products’ contents are also made in the US. Moving on to the notes  encouraging others to donate/recycle used clothing, pressing your employees to use reusable water bottles and BYO towels, and using recycled office supplies it seemed like a match made in heaven for me. 

I have purchased your products once in the past, and I have to admit that I found them uncomfortable. My frame was much more petite then then it is now, so I figured it would be much more suitable the second time around. (Although I noticed you do make petites now!). I ordered several styles in the basic colors and I was pleasantly surprised on their comfort level. The large tag is a little annoying so I cut that out, but other than that they made me very happy. 

Now moving on from the Kudus I have one complaint. The packaging. Yes the packaging. In your sustainability section you note that “Our packaging concepts are executed with 100% recycled paper and board and are conceived as keepsake items for an extended life. We also strive to make our packaging and shipping materials easily recyclable.” When I read this I was thrilled, this is the most difficult part of ordering anything, the darn packaging is almost never sustainable. I have to admit when I opened my compact box I was happy to find it packed tight but I was ready to send the contents back because the loose pairs were in a plastic bag, had tags adhered with plastic that will definitely end up in a water way somewhere, and the set of three was packed in a box with a plastic window. Is any of that actually necessary? The whole order was wrapped in tissue, which if you would’ve stopped there it would have been great. No one in their right mind doesn’t wash their underwear before wearing it, so the plastic is doing no sanitary favors. The set could have been rolled and tied with a reusable ribbon, I can find no use for a box with a plastic window and that did nothing to invoke me to purchase it. Plus doesn’t it seem like the biggest oxymoron to wrap an “organically grown” “cotton with a conscience” in plastic of which there is nothing natural or organic about? I know you can do better. 

While I was really happy with your product, I will not be able to place any online orders. In my efforts to make a positive impact on the planet for the future of my family and others I cannot encourage the use of wasteful practices. I hope that you understand that with this letter my intentions are not to offend or hurt but rather bring light. You are making strides in so many ways that others are not, but you can do better, we all can. If your packaging practices change I will be a happy and loyal Hanky Panky shopper.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my opinion.



So in conclusion the product made me really happy, but the packaging ruined it for me. We are not in a time to take baby steps. Drastic change must happen and must happen now. Remember your dollar and your voice always count!! Use them.





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