Trashy Dogs


Its the day before trash day and Robert suggested that I go take a photo of the contents of our garbage can. When I opened the lid I was surprised to find only two plastic dog food bags! We have made great strides and it feels great to celebrate our accomplishments. We still have random pantry items and bathroom supplies that will eventually find their way to the curb but for now we are marveling at how far we have come. We are still negotiating changing our dog food, but have yet to find a high quality food that comes in a paper bag. I absolutely refuse to cook their meals. My mom does this for her terriers and it just grosses me out, plus it does not seem economical. I’d be totally down for giving them scraps/left overs however we have one working dog that needs to be in tip top shape and guessing from our waistlines that would not be the case, plus we have one dog with a finicky stomach, yuck. I know my great grandparents would spread bacon fat on stale bread for their dog, but considering we have three dogs it would hardly be scraps I’d be cooking an additional meal, no thank you. Do you have dogs? What do you feed them?

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