Backsliding. That’s what I’ve been up to in the last week. Let me explain.

The household was overtaken by an all-consuming stomach flu. It started with my youngest and by the time it got to me, even making my own electrolyte solution was just too much to handle.

I’ll spare you the details on color, quantity, consistency, etc. etc.

I feel like we held it together to a point, and then we were just plain sinking. I’ve had a kid admitted to the hospital for dehydration in the past, and I did not want to wind up back there. When the mother-in-law offered to bring provisions, I oh so happily accepted. This lovely woman brought us ginger ale and sports drinks. Yes, it was in plastic. And YES, I ENJOYED EVERY DROP. And bread. White, soft, stomach-calming delicious bread. It was in a plastic bag and not a slice of it was stale, even for three days because it was properly sealed. It warmed my heart to watch my odiferous and toddler munching on something. Even if I could have crawled my way to the store myself, I would have set aside my zero-waste practices and made the same purchases. That bag of sustenance was just so necessary.

I’m sorry, folks, but I couldn’t single handedly stem the tide of global warming and save the planet this week. I did some backsliding of my resolutions.

I decided I could still maintain the supine position and beef up my correspondence campaign. After all, the effectiveness of poo-pooing plastic won’t have much impact if I don’t also put a bug in the bonnet of those making decisions, right?

Inspired from reports that California was recruiting EPA’s climate scientists that were being snubbed and shafted by that Cheeto-faced POTUS, I came across and decided to write in support of SB-49 California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2017. The bill requires state agencies to adhere to the baseline federal standards of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, regardless of any subsequent actions of Congress or the president. California agencies would continue to able to establish rules and regulations that are more stringent than the baseline federal standards.

In other words, no backsliding.

It’s no Shakespeare, and I’m not confident it will move any mountains, but here is my letter I’m shyly sharing with you. The bill is back in the Senate Environmental Quality committee after a majority vote, so I wrote in support of its review in hopes it will continue into law.

March 17, 2017
Senate Environmental Quality Committee
State Capitol, Room 2205
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senate Environmental Quality Committee,

I am writing to encourage your support of SB-49 California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2017. I would like to see this bill revisited by your committee and passed into law.

I’m gravely concerned about the devastating effects of climate change and climate disasters. I am very upset by the devastating rollbacks in support and funding for environmental initiatives, and am disheartened that this issue only seems to be dismissed by the new regime in Washington.

I support this bill because I see it halting rollbacks caused by a corrupt president who is devastating our democracy. The Trump administration does not give the proper credit to the imminent threat of climate change, or the men and women working to understand it better. Many have worked hard to gain momentum in turning the tide of climate change, and I believe we need a bill such as SB-49 to maintain all of the ground that Californians have gained in this arena. Going backward is not an option, we must continue to slow, stop, and reverse the harmful effects of man-made climate change.

I am proud to be a Californian, where we recruit climate scientists from the soon to be defunded Environmental Protection Agency.


Mellissa Ahern



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