February Progress Report

It seems ultra fitting that my February report should come half way through March, I feel like I just could not get organized last month. I was moving like a snail. Although I think Missy did say it best when she noted how she finds it easier to implement these practices, than it is to write about them. So here is my much belated progress report. 

REFUSE plastic – yes NO plastic of ANY kind, especially disposables!

Still making great strides here. Zero Waste shopping is becoming second nature. Rethinking everything that is packaged and not allowing myself any cheating on this front. I must find an alternative or have to do without. Its tough, but climate change is real and its even more scary how fast it is happening. Mother Earth doesn’t find cheating once in a while so harmless so why should I? When I buy something that I cannot get in bulk, like vitamins, I buy it in glass but when they are wrapped or sealed in plastic, I send the plastic back to the company and kindly ask them to rethink their packaging. I am buying items from companies that market themselves as being better for me and the planet I expect them to follow this motto from the product to its packaging and even how it arrives in my home. I found many brands who use almost no plastic in their packaging, like my favorite Weleda toothpaste, cardboard box, metal tube, no wrappers, but a plastic lid…almost golden. It’s not zero waste to buy toothpaste, but I haven’t found a better alternative and dental hygiene is muy importante!

Incorporate One Unplugged Night into our Lives – No power, raw food, start with once a month but aim for once a week

I failed here this month. I attended one, but I did not host one, not even for my own family.

Manage Food Consumption – No Beef, Eat Local, REDUCE WASTE!

I am starting to move more California based, our goal is by June to eat locally. I did splurge on some Mexican limes and one bunch of bananas that we turned into chocolate banana bread, yes and then there is chocolate (I might be signing up for divorce if I stop buying chocolate though). So far in March I have put the bananas down. Soon all the wonderful spring and summer fruits will be in the market and I won’t need them.

Drive Less/and or Reduce Gas Consumption

Another round of failure. I drive everyday. EVERYDAY. ugh. I think I had two no drive days last month. Pathetic. I do so much running around,  and job site visits, then there are activities, ballet, swim. It goes on and on. Our infrastructure isn’t really designed for no drive days and I am suffering from that syndrome. We’ve been trying to share rides, carpool, etc. but still somehow the car is always involved.

Reduce Energy Loss – Shape Up Home Efficiency

When I can finally make a decision on what to put in my walls we will insulate them. I was surprised how inexpensive it is. We are waffling between a locally made 100% recycled fiberglass product vs. natural cellulose. Why would anyone not choose cellulose you ask….well did you know that it has Ammonium Sulfate in it? When it gets wet it lets off a gas that can cause serious respiratory issues. Its in the walls and we don’t anticipate it getting wet, but we’ve had wet walls all winter so what does that mean? Then why not go with fiberglass you say? Fiberglass is toxic to the installers, even if it is recycled. They are blowing it in and will wear protection but if inhaled its harmful to your lungs. See there is no easy answer, what would you do? Take the survey.

Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is- What are we really invested in?

Again not moving along very quickly here. I sent a request to our bank to see where the interest we accrue from our market accounts comes from and they basically said it changes all the time, ugh. I found a credit union I would like to move the majority of our accounts to, but sometimes its hard to get an old dog to learn new tricks……

Lessen our Pet Footprint – We have three furry mongrels

We are moving right along here. We are composting their poop, buying their treats in bulk, and have an appointment this week to see about changing their food. There are a couple of brands that come in compostable bags, but dog food is hard to decipher and we have a dog that is currently eating dirt. Clearly she is missing some nutrients but what are they we are not sure.

Take a Political Stand – Voting is not Enough!

I wrote 4 letters to the Pres, attended a local women’s political activist group meeting, and sent 7 letters to companies about shaping up. I can do more.

Wear What You Are – What? How? When?

This is one I really need to get moving on. I wrote a “poor me” post about my embarrassing under garments and have finally found two companies that are worth trying. I am doing some investigative work and will report back when I have results. I have also ordered a couple of clothing items from some sustainable brands I found on Sustainably Chic ( love following her on instagram). I made $54 dollars selling my items at my favorite consignment shop and was able to turn around and purchase a few items including a scrumptious cashmere sweater. I desperately need pants and socks. I can’t even get through a week without doing laundry these days, that is not conducive to a busy schedule. Missy has got us all on a tangent about how items are shipped to us, so now I am researching this before I order too.

Get Educated and Help Educate Others

I am trying to stay on top of what is happening politically, reading articles and articles of fascinating information, and have dove into a new book, Half-Earth. I am sharing my experience with the meat guy and random shoppers at the grocery store and the ladies in my office. I try to speak up, like thanking the bakery across from my office for switching to paper straws instead of plastic, whenever I can.

*Get Rid of our Garbage Can* – we made the step down to the smallest one and there is hardly anything in it. Trying to encourage the hubby to only put it out when its full, but habits die hard.


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