Electrolyte Replacement Drink

It’s three in the morning… maybe. Not sure, because even as I write, I realize daylight savings came to town and that (supposedly energy-saving) bitch doesn’t automatically change my clocks. Anyway, it’s a wee hour to’ sho’, and I’ve set up camp on the floor of by little one’s room.

Baby has the urpies. ‘Urpies’ is Ahern-speak for vomiting. She just turned two and we returned home from a lovely celebration. Happy birthday, sweetheart!IMG_7983

Between bouts of retching, I whipped up some electrolyte replacement solution. It really is that easy and since it can be made with ingredients on hand, it so much more frugal. It tastes better too, doesn’t contain artificial coloring, and can be made in a reusable glass jar. We learned to make it in nursing school eons ago so while I knew the basic ingredients, I adapted from this recipe.

Electrolyte Drink

1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 cups of water or coconut water
2 tbsp honey or maple syrup
1/8 tsp salt… I chose my Himalayan Pink salt, you know, in the spirit of the MOUNTAINS of laundry a not-so-fun tummy bug will create

Measure honey into a jar and warm to liquefy for easier mixing. I like to use a mason jar with measurements on the side so I can measure straight into the jar and don’t need to hassle with the extra dishes. Pour in the other ingredients, cap, shake. If you used juices fresh from fruit, stain out the pulp by pouring through a strainer into another jar. Offer in tiny sips after each round of urpies, and freeze in cube trays for a popsicle option.

Good thing I recently whipped up a batch of my laundry soap!


Looking for a fancy-pants photo shoot of my Martha-Stewart-like creation? Here’s give you the real-life version from the floor of my kid’s room. Hehe.


3 thoughts on “Electrolyte Replacement Drink

  1. Poor sweetie! I drank a concoction like this when I was pregnant and when I was in labor. My midwife called it “labor-ade”!


    1. Haha, that’s great. Good point! I remember getting ready for my home birth and buying the WF version of gatorade but still not drinking it because of the content. Wish I had remembered this option. I also remember loving all things citrus when pregnant. I ate nothing but white toast smothered with Lily’s marmalade.


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