Three Things You can Do Today

Three more easy solutions for lessening your foot print.


Ditch the Tissue Box

No kleenex? “WHAT!?!?!?!” you say!! What to do with the snotty nosed kid? We are a house with plenty of snot, yet we have ditched the box full of paper – even the box of recycled paper. The point is to reduce our waste and refuse waste into our homes. To make our bathrooms greener, which is no easy feat, we have adopted a beautiful brass box full of vintage hankies. Yes those pretty hankies that used to fill the purses and pockets of ladies and gentlemen past have found new life. They are pretty and that gets our daughter excited to blow her nose, which as a mom makes me so happy. They’re softer than you standard kleenex which is nice for the dry cold weather. Pick up a few from your grandma, the corner antique shop, or buy them in bulk on Etsy (don’t forget to ask them to package sans plastic!). You could use any container that makes a sweet addition to your space. I happen to have a love affair with brass so this box was the winner. But you could repurpose an old tissue box, fold the hankies so they interlock and then it functions in the very same way. We put a small hamper to catch the dirty ones and throw them in the wash. If you want them to lay neat you may want to run a steam iron on them before you fold them up. I also carry one in my purse and/or my pocket to catch runny noses on the run.


Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

To the average person lighting and light bulbs is an uber boring topic of discussion, but for an interior designer lighting is ESSENTIAL. I’ve gone through enough light bulbs to satisfy an average person’s lifetime and finally through all my searching found a winner! This LED bulb is warm but soft, bright but easily dimmable, and long lasting. LEDs are the latest wave of eco-friendly lighting options and they have finally made them usable for your existing light fixtures. You used to have to purchase a special fixture to take advantage of this technology. No more. They are still pricey, at nearly $20 a bulb, but they last so much longer than your standard incandescent bulb and they save you money with your electricity bill. Its more money up front but do the math and you’ll realize you’re saving in the end, plus now you can keep Grandma’s lamp for the next generation. You may or may not be happy about that last bit. (wink wink) I purchased these Feit Bulbs at my local hardware store. I suggest you check yours before buying them on online to insure no excessive amounts of plastic are used to package these up for you.

Take Your Address Off the Mailing List

How many catalogs do you toss in the trash without ever opening? Junk mail is SO annoying!! It is very difficult to be zero waste when we are constantly bombarded with catalogs, real estate fliers, and coupons for places we’ve never considered shopping. It can be so overwhelming. On almost all of these imposters there is an address or a phone number. When the item enters our house I try to call the number immediately to stop it from coming back. When there is no number I send the intruder back with a letter requesting our address is removed from their list. Slowly we are getting less and less, it takes a lot of work, but unsolicited junk simply is not fair for anyone especially the planet.


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