January Progress Report (Sarah & Family)

work-in-progress-clip-art-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-online-jo8pjm-clipartWell, here we are six days into February and I’m just getting around to my January progress report. Pretty typical timing for my crazy life right now.  Better late than never, right?

Change is hard. Overall, I feel like we – as a family – are just still trying to get in the groove of our global warming goals for the new year.  I am inspired daily by my co-conspirators Lily and Missy, and am hoping to do/save/commit more each month. Let’s look back at those goals:

  1. Fewer resources
    I’ve tried to consolidate car trips and have been walking a bit more, but we’ve had so much rain lately that’s been hard. We got our new smaller trash can and I scheduled a home energy audit, which will happen in February.
  2. Less plastic
    I’ve been doing my best to buy ONLY in bulk (using re-usable containers), and when an item isn’t available in bulk, only purchasing things packaged in recyclable glass, cans or paper). And when those options aren’t available, I’ve either done without or tried to make my own (stay tuned for a post about making your own yogurt)!  Lily wrote a great post about zero waste grocery shopping here.
  3. Less stuff

    second hand finds (for less than $25 total!)

    I’ve made fewer trips to stores in general, only making shopping trips when absolutely necessary. That has majorly reduced impulse/unnecessary purchases. When I really needed to get my shopping fix, I hit up our local Goodwill store (where I scored a cute jacket for my littlest guy and a funky leather purse), and found some jeans at a great price at a local consignment shop I’d never gone into.

  4. Spread the word!
    I made a lot of phone calls to my representatives in congress to express my serious concerns about climate change and many other issues that have come up since the new administration began. There are so many issues that I am frightened/concerned/saddened/maddened about it’s hard to think straight some days. Calling and voicing my concerns feels woefully inadequate given the immensity of the problems, but it does feel good to do something. For info, ideas, scripts and contact info for your representatives, check out these websites: http://dailyaction.org/ http://5calls.org/ http://thesixtyfive.org/ http://www.usa.gov/elected-officials



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