Trash Talk

A quart of garbage

A quart of garbage. That is what zero-waste guru Bea Johnson’s family of four produces. In. An. Entire. Year. The image keeps popping into my head each Tuesday night, when I drag our trash can out to the curb. Let’s be honest, we’ll probably never get there, but I did take a baby step towards zero-waste today….I called and ordered a smaller trash can.  Now we’ll have no choice but reduce our trash.

When we sort out recyclables and all compostable materials, there’s not a whole lot left, especially with our goal this year of reducing/refusing plastic. There is one BIG caveat though, and it’s a dirty one: Disposable diapers. I’ll spare you the photos of our overflowing trash can, because I’m kind of ashamed. And it’s just freakin’ gross.

When our first son was a baby, we used cloth diapers, but the second time around I guess we got lazy. But I’ve also heard the argument that cloth diapers can be just as bad, environmentally, as their disposable counterparts. I’m no scientist, but there are some convincing points. Obviously, the greenest option would be to go diaper-free. Apparently, this is a growing trend, but let’s not get crazy. Maybe if we had no carpets, no rugs, a full-time housekeeper, etc…Let’s face it, for our family, disposable diapers are part of our life right now. We do, however, opt for “greener” products, which use naturally-derived materials, with no chlorine or added chemicals. There are a lot of options out there these days, and lots of reviews and info on the web (like here and here and here).

Maybe another goal for 2017 should be to get our little dude potty trained. That would mean no diapers by the time he’s 22 months old. That’s possible, right???  And in the meantime, we’ll just have to really reduce all the other garbage so it can fit in the new smaller trash can that we’ll have starting next week. I’m up for the challenge.

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