Our “Year of Less”

I’m making 2017 the “Year of Less”. Less resources, less plastic, less stuff. Sounds fun, doesn’t it??? In all seriousness, though, it’s time we did something to help create positive change – especially with the current state of our government, politics and nation.

My “Year of Less” will involve making sacrifices, saying no, and resisting temptation, but it isn’t about deprivation. I’m setting goals for my family that are within reach, goals that we’ll meet (and, ideally, exceed!), goals that make sense for us.  Here are my four simple goals for 2017:

1. Less resources
Drive less, walk & bike morelessismore
Eat/buy/shop local
Assess and improve home efficiency

2. Less plastic
Avoid plastic products and unnecessary packaging

3. Less stuff
Acquire fewer things
Choose used, handmade, local, green options

4. Spread the word!
Document my experiments, research, ideas and musings (on this blog)
Encourage stores and companies to “think greener”
Write/call/email law- and policy-makers

Less is more, right??? I truly believe that by lightening up on those things our family can create more room for the most important things in life – more creativity, more time outdoors, more joy.  Who could say no to that???

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